Cut off Oxygen Using Pyramid Power

It was discovered that wave power generated by the pyramids suppresses oxidation, thereby preventing food from spoiling where used, making it an idea that benefits our health.


Baseball Bat with Small Protrusions Added to the Part which Strikes the Ball

This relates to an ordinary baseball bat. Baseball bats that are widely in use are round (true circle) sticks in shape. The ball strikes at the knurling in Figure a and small protrusions in Figure b of this invention. Fly balls generate complex movements, making them difficult to catch while being interesting in their own right, excellent for careful study and examination for pro baseball, resulting in even more enjoyment for the fans when this invention is used.


Flotation Bag Equipment to Prevent Boats from Sinking (Air Bags)

Boats sink due to being struck, swallowed by a storm or other incident, making them difficult accidents in terms of salvage or raising the sunken boat. This invention corresponds to any size boat, with floatation devices installed to required locations for (1) Powerful strikes to the vessel (2) Initial water pressure at sinking (water depth of 5 to 10 m) (3) A manually-operated or other form of trigger mechanism is installed, which pressurize the bags using a high compressed air canister, thereby preventing the ship from listing or sinking due to the bags as shown in the diagram. The bags are brightly colored with transmitters that operate by bag pressure installed, enabling prompt locating.


Lightweight Large Screen Window Ventilation Concrete Blocks

This relates to concrete blocks used widely for walls, etc. Current concrete blocks have a hollowed out middle with insufficient weight, strength and ventilation. This invention calls for an improved lightweight, strong and ventilation design, with durable metal net framing at the center of the blocks as shown in Figure 1, creating large apertures yet thin in design. The screen framing is extended to the frame metal, with superb stainless materials, improving the strength of the blocks, making them beneficial for preventing strong winds and small animals from intruding.


Fire Engine with Water Bullet Discharge Using High Pressure Air

This relates to fire engines with a water discharge method for extinguishing fires in skyscrapers and other tall buildings. This invention creates a strong water discharge function to current fire engines, supplies high pressure air intermittently to the water discharge nozzle in addition to the high water pressure function of current fire engines as shown in the figure, which allows water bullets with better and stronger destructive power to be fired and discharged intermittently resulting in a strong fire extinguishing capabilities.
In addition, applying torsion enables both intermittent and continuous water bullet discharge with increased destructive power.


Ladder with Body Wobble Prevention Installed

This relates to ladders (footstools) used for working at heights of up to a few meters.  Ladders that wobble often lead to falls and injuries because they do not support the body when working at the highest rung of the ladder. This invention has a wobble prevention part is installed to support part of the legs (come in contact with the legs) when working at the highest ladder rung. Part of the legs come in contact with the supports at a height several centimeters higher than the top rung of the ladder as shown in the figure, which eliminates the wobbling and helps to prevent falls.  The supports can be removed, and their heights can be adjusted.


Clothespin with Wrinkle Prevention Weight

This invention refers to a clothespin with a weight used when hanging regular clothes that prevents wrinkles and resists strong winds.  Most wrinkles occur after the clothes are hung to dry, creating extra work to iron them.  Wrinkles are eliminated by using this clothespin in certain location at the bottom of the clothes when hanging them out to dry.


Pipe Heat Exchanger with Pile Shaped Fin for Using Underground Heat

This invention refers to a pipe heat exchanger with a pile shaped fin for using underground heat. Underground heat, having little temperature changes, is useful across many sectors such as living environment, agriculture and fisheries.  Pile shaped pipes are driven deep into the ground at 10 m or more, providing very efficient heat exchange via underground heat, water and air through the pipes and the fin, enabling temperatures to be exchanged across many degrees, contributing to melting snow on rooves, preventing condensation and heating during the cold months, and cooling during the warm months.


Accessory Combining Gems & LED

This invention is an accessory that produces multicolored brightness and luster combining a variety of gems and small-sized LEDs.
The diagram shows the colorful brightness and luster through an example where 1 or multiple LEDs are arrayed at the bottom of or horizontally along the gems.  It can also be used for imitations such as glass and plastic similar to jewelry.  A button-type battery is desired for the LED power source.


Accessory LED for Accessorizing Main Lens

This invention is creating a cut surface and unevenness on the main LED lens, adding additional materials for gems, glass or plastic cut surfaces and unevenness for accessorizing.
A variety of accessories can be created with colorful brightness and luster using 1 or multiple LEDs.


Jet Fighter with Lift Plate Installed on Engine Aft

This invention is creates additional lift when engine is firing by installing a lift plate that uses jet exhaust from the jet engine. (Can also be applied to turboprops)
A plane with a same number of lift plate mechanisms similar to engines attached to the main wing structure to generate life by allocating a movable lift plate to the engine aft.
Useful from the perspective of plane landing and liftoff, runway length, cruising distance, load weight, main wing surface area, etc.


Shrimp Bait Feeder Equipped with Screw Cap

This invention is concerning a shrimp bait feeder.  The shrimp bait feeder offers the advantages of a structure equipped with a screw cap that screws onto the aperture placed at the top of the feeder, a 7 mm diameter elliptically-shaped feed throughput aperture around the area at the underside of the feeder, a throughput aperture at the center of the screw cap described earlier and on the bottom interior of the feeder and a winder on both edges of the line threaded through, and, depending on tidal currents, there is a greater technical benefit in the shrimp feed outflow; i.e., a shrimp gathering effect.


Pneumatic Generator

I have proposed a pneumatic generator which uses air, where demand exists, because it can be introduced at much lower cost than current generators, has superior safety, can be installed anywhere, and produces clean power.

Air fed through a compressor uses this energy for usable power generation.  Air pressure is created using the compressor, the air compressed in a motor driven system is stored in external tanks, and exhaust air can be recirculated.


Evolving Ultra Mass Light

Power from the terahertz wave resonator quartet improves the global environment.  We can cite some of the effects of this improvement such as bettering the body and mind, correcting mechanical movements, better spatial environment, and improvements to the underground environment.  Substantive tests will result in those who suffer neurosis and admitted to the hospital once at year no longer having to do so.  The rapid swelling of the lymph glands in the neck of a Filipino woman was relieved.  Automobile fuel consumption efficiency will increase, and engine vibration will decrease.  Rooms will be cool and the air fresh.  Vegetables will double in size in less time.