Balloon Parachute with Balloon Rope Lashed to Plate“Missy Smile”

This work is related to the balloon and parachute assembly with a rope and balloon tied to a plate the balloon is blown up and leaves the assembly, and air discharge pressure becomes like a rocket which raises the parachute. The plate apertures have a constant pressure.
The parachute flows towards the wind using Missy Smile’s rudder.
“Can’t Do It without You”
This work is related to types of liquor.
It has a painted image of Yumeji Takehisa on bottles and paper packaged cans written in graceful Hiragana script on many colored paper.
It’s aptly named the “Can’t Do It without You” because it’s so on the fish for enjoying openly drinking and getting drunk.


Disk Case

This is a case with one corner in a circular form where one (1) hole made on the top of the corner, and the disk is released by turning the lid left or right.  The hole at the top of the corner has an integrated case that supports stacking decorated cases, it has one (1) corner for storing the cases upright, and the lid is opened by turning it, so the disks do not have to be secured, simplifying disk retrieval.


Disk Case(2)

One (1) corner is made on the circular shape, there is one (1) hole on the top of the case corner, the unit where the disk is inserted is rotated to release the disk, the bottom of this unit is only at the upper half, the edge at the bottom side is lowered for disk retrieval thus it is released from securing to the unit.  The hole at the top of corner of this case has a function for organizing and decorating the case, the number of cases where these disks are inserted can be increased to make one (1) case.


Open Hole Rubber Gloves

This work is about rubber gloves. The inside of a glove naturally get hot due to its structure.  Rubber gloves with open holes works to prevent heat buildup in the gloves.
Note that these gloves cannot be worn when working with liquids or oils, etc. The gloves ameliorate the heat buildup when used during work other than with liquids or oils, etc.  They also can be washed easily.  There is no problem during work as the holes are added on the back of the hand.



Zero Shot is a practice golf club for making better hits on the ball.
The practice golf club has more diametric holes than the golf ball on the face side for air shots only when the golf ball passes through the sweet spot.  You can get a better swing by practicing a reverse pattern of what has been done up to now where if the ball jumps out in front, you make a bad swing so you make a correct swing when the ball does not jump out in front.


Inner Jumper with Aluminum Backing

The collar is cut to a V-neck shape, a structure vital to respecting fashion sense while generating heat retention of the thin, lightweight aluminum backing.  The fasteners are sewn in to open from the front, the hem provides the convenience of rubber stitching, creating an inner jumper with aluminum backing without having sleeves to wear under the jacket.  Its heat retention helps to keep the body warm.


Rucksack (Main Unit)

This invention is related to rucksacks used in daily life.  They have a structure with plastic compartment spaces in the corresponding interior, is equipped with a pocket for a wallet and other small valuables on the front part of shoulder strap, and is arranged so they can be put on and taken off without excess burden on the shoulder joints of older person, while adjusting and locking the fasteners on the dominant arm then putting on and taking off the rucksack without any pain on the shoulder joints, which makes it easier to pay at the register while shopping.  It is also easy as it is organized with rain countermeasures in mind.


Rucksack (Compartments)

This invention is related to rucksacks used in daily life.  They have a structure with plastic compartment spaces in the corresponding interior, is equipped with a pocket for a wallet and other small valuables on the front part of shoulder strap, and is arranged so they can be put on and taken off without excess burden on the shoulder joints of older person, while adjusting and locking the fasteners on the dominant arm then putting on and taking off the rucksack without any pain on the shoulder joints, which makes it easier to pay at the register while shopping.  It is also easy as it is organized with rain countermeasures in mind.


Inertial Rotating Machine

While we rely on fossil fuel and atomic energy in order to gain driving force for motors, just one accident occurring in nuclear power generation results in a developing and cascading tragedy.  There is also tremendous recovery and enormous time and operating expenses required.  Meanwhile, fossil fuel power generation requires operating expenses for obtaining fossil fuels and the resultant environmental pollution countermeasures to be taken from any of the harmful substances.  The inertial rotating machine is the answer to these problems, as it creates a green inertial energy force simply through the natural falling action of heavy objects using their own weight, and generates power by rotating as it is linked to the generator at one edge of the main shaft of the motor that drives the motor’s main shaft.


Making Better 5-gallon Cans

This invention is related to 5-gallon cans.  These cans are inconvenient as they have no space between the handle brackets and top iron plate, making them difficult to carry.  I made improvements whereby I installed recesses in two (2) locations on the top iron plate which created a space.  The space created by the recesses in these two (2) locations removed the inconvenience of the 5-gallon can which had been difficult to carry.  There is also no problem associated with this product or quality as the recesses made to the top iron plate are sufficient in the tens of millimeters.



It features a s-shaped handle for scooping out honey, jam, sugar, tea and beans from inside a container without having to tilt the container, eliminating spills from a full spoonful.  The contents remaining in the container could not be scooped out with a full spoonful up to now.  You had to tilt the container to scoop out those contents.  This spoon is able to eliminate this inconvenience.  A full spoonful can be scooped out by lifting the spoon straight out of the container while it is sitting on a table.



This pillow can be used while earphones, eyeglasses and other devices are on the ears.
Two (2) narrow circular form packing shapes are fashioned into the pillow then these are placed into a bag-shaped cover. Partitions are added to the cover so that the packing can be added, and it is designed to prevent the ears from coming in contact.  Using this aids in listening to TV or studying language while you are laying down.  It is also extremely valuable for those with hearing impairments.


Rice Transplanter Snowshoe Tires for Driving Forward and Reverse in Mud

The difficult thing in driving backwards is doing it smoothly.  Passenger types will not lift up before moving from deep locations to shallow ones in flooded fields. This is because there is no buoyancy. We turn to the flooded fields in the delta regions across the globe such as exist in China, Southeast Asia and India.  This type of fun and safe rice transplanter will bring many farmers much happiness. This is the snowshoe tire.


Health Management Bed

This is a bed that allows you to exercise while laying down when going to bed or waking up.  It is both sustainable and very effective because it can enables exercise to be incorporated into the flow of daily life naturally.  The bed is a device for use in daily life, so there is no need for it to be difficult to use.  It is perfect for the elderly to cope with preventing falls from improving muscle strength or strokes due to increased blood flow to the legs.  It extends healthy conditions to the spinal cord and knee joints due to the body stretching effect which improves posture.  It can be utilized in helping to extend a healthy life.



This is related to priority seat information designated for the physically disabled on trains and buses.  While information signs are traditionally placed on windows and other locations near priority seats, there are still many young, healthy yet ill-mannered individuals who occupy these seats as if nothing is wrong.  This invention displays large signs on the backrests and seats of each priority each.  Ordinary passengers can ensure that the seat they would sit on is a priority seat, thereby comfortably and easily instructing them, transferring this information consciously.



This is related to indicator lamps for traffic signalers.  These are currently three (3) single-emitting indicator lamps in red, yellow and green. This invention arranges either multiple-emitting LEDs or single-emitting LEDs densely for red and green and yellow, makes it the lamp indicator thus controlling when it is lit or blinking for each LED, and creating luminescent color in red, yellow or green.  The signal lamps are easier to see as the diameter of the lamp is larger than current ones, making it useful in preventing traffic accidents.


Ceramics with Better Heat Resistance & Lighter Weight (Pottery)

This work concerns improved heat resistance for ceramics and lighter weights for large goods.  This work creates a heat resistance effect by baking the inner container through a baking process using a structure where the inner container in Figure 2 is positioned at the center thickness when molded using containers and other clays, forming a layer of air.  The inner container materials vary according to the use of the pottery, yet most of them are combustible materials such as 1) thick paper, 2) cardboard and 3) thin wood boards.  It greatly reduces the weight and has a tremendous effect on using less clay for large dishes, pots and earthenware by adjusting the thickness and materials of the inner container.


Toilet and other Rolled Paper with More Visible Perforations for Easier Tearing

This concerns toilet and other rolled paper with perforations.  Due to rolled toilet paper with perforations that are difficult to distinguish and tear off when there is insufficient lighting or without eyeglasses, this invention adds 1) coloring and 2) patterns along with 3) cuts on both edges in order to make the perforations stand out, which makes the perforations easier to see and tear.


Cubic Flower Puzzle

This work concerns a 3D puzzle. It is a product that has a Rubik’s Cube shaped into a flower, with the advantage of being more fun than ever before. It also has the advantage of adding the narrative, changing the design and color scheme according the needs and motif based on age, gender and region.


Opening & Closing Curtains with Enclosed Straps

This work concerns curtains.  It has conventional tassels that are made into longer straps, with a S-shaped hanger attached to the top edge that is inserted into the center hole of the receptacle on the rail.  A loop is attached to the center of the strap thus this plan hangs them onto the tassel hangers and tightens the curtain.  Stand back a little from the curtain and gently open and close them with the strap edges to avoid house dust and pollen that is adhering to the curtains which are often difficult to wash.  It also reduces the causes of asthma and atrophy, etc.


Double the books stacked on bookshelves! Two face bookshelf.

This invention draws attention to the depth for stacking books on most commercially-sold book cases in roughly two rows, with the books set from one direction in advance to this shelf and the other end placed to the front side to stack the books that rotates 1800 to take out or stack books to each shelf for books at the far side thus the position of the books on the front and far side are exchanged at one time.  There is not wasted effort to remove books on the far side, or to remove, temporarily locate or recover book groupings in the front Removal and temporary location and recovery which is the bane of confirming the book stacks, it allows for intellectual work to be concentrated on as the main purpose.  It’s brand name is “2- face shelf”


Disk Case

The disk case has one hole made at the top part of the corner in a shape with one corner made into a circle, the main unit where the disk is inserted has a hole at the top of the corner made as the axis to rotate and house disks in the storage part, while releasing and setting the disk is easy because the main unit to be opened is standing upright with only half its surface and the disk uses the side without a surface.  The hole at the corner can act as decoration integrating the case together, titles and names can be written on both sides of the corners so that the contents can be checked when stored on either side.


Super Board

This invention is related to the Othello game.
1. A hole around 1/3 (thickness of a board piece) is added so that the board piece can be sunk into each of the squares.
2. This prevents the pieces from moving out of position from shifting the board.
3. The pieces are lined up correctly so the alignment of the pieces is never mistaken.
4. It feels great to play the game.