“Can’t Do It without You”

This work is related to types of liquor.
It has a painted image of Yumeji Takehisa on bottles and paper packaged cans written in graceful Hiragana script on many colored paper.
It’s aptly named the “Can’t Do It without You” because it’s so on the fish for enjoying openly drinking and getting drunk.


Weather baby, relaxing baby in the sunshine

Babies in the sunshine are relaxing and spending their time leisurely. 
(White: Baby Boy Yu, Blue; Baby Boy Taka, Yellow: Baby Boy Tomo, Green; Baby Boy Dai, and Peach; Baby Girl Mai)


Rain Cats and Dogs Illustration for Preventing Global Warming

We concern today with the problems of destroying the natural environment and global warming, ignoring them makes it more difficult for humanity to exist on the Earth.
I thought of the title Rain Cats and Dogs as the English translation to appeal to prevent global warming through a picture that depicts a situation where a dog and cat are bothered by the selfish behavior of people.  I want more people of any age to come to a greater understanding of global warming. 


Please and Thank You

This title represents the types of lucky candies made from Japanese rice.  With the special sweets given to children in celebrating their 3rd, 5th and 7th birthdays for example, the hopes of the parents for their children to grow up healthy and the words Please and Thanks that should be always be used can be entrusted to children
The feelings parents have for their children are surely universal.  If these can be sold as souvenirs to those who visit Japan as tourists, I think this name will spread across the globe.