Quantum Gravity Theory

Albert Einstein was unable to group gravity, electricity and magnetism under one theory before he died.
This theory makes this possible.
Why does antimatter not exist on the earth?
Why is the universe expanding?
The universe was born from nothing (zero), neither space nor time nor heat nor light, and is ever expanding.



This invention is related to a system to replace the EV battery with a fully charged one when you are worried that the battery is running low while driving at membership stands across Japan.  Battery replacement transactions are calculated based on the cost in yen per km (yen/km) according to the rated battery usage distance and the transaction itself is completed in around 4 to 5 minutes.  The battery replacement system will make long distance EV driving safer.



This invention is related to torrential rain countermeasures.
Spherical firework shaped parachute bombs are dropped from above torrential rain clouds from large airlift bombers, explode all at once to evaporate and disperse the moisture in the heavy rain clouds.
This will eliminate torrential rain clouds.


New Cleaning – Maid Maintenance System

This new cleaning system allows the customer to maintain cleanliness over the year at low cost, with greater profits for the companies that provide such services, making it a never before type of cleaning service that can change the working environment and treatment of staff.


Reverse Drive Detection & Accident Prevention Method on Highways and Other One-Way Roads

This invention refers to a reverse drive sensor on one-way roads such as highways and an accident prevention procedure.  Vehicle drive direction detector sensors are installed on exit ramps from one-way roads such as highways and other critical locations that detects vehicles driving in the wrong direction quickly to prevent accidents. The sensors accurately detect the direction the vehicle is driving while the signal detector in order from AA’→BB’ on the grid is normal drive direction while its inverse will display a red signal or stop with the reverse drive detector and simultaneously instruct opposing vehicles and relevant agencies thereby preventing accidents.