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Posted Contents

1. Business Plans (business methods, programs, others)

2. Product Plans (new product development, improved product design)

3. Design Plans (portraits, product design, naming, characters, branding, others)


(How to Post)


1. Contents where copyright applications have been made in Japan and the United

    States where our office operates.

2. Contents our office has translated to English.

    Contents shall have cleared the two (2) items above.  See above for more on



 There are no basic posting fees.

 Those seeking to make a posting should provide the name, the contact information

  for inquiring with our office.


 (Inquiries on Posting)

 World market postings shall only be a summary of contents.

 Persons who would like more information on contents should provide a name, 

 address, contact information and contents number for inquiry with our office.